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About MySelfies

Video, photo, design, story and strategy for brands, publications, and people.

Hard worker but as you can see, I don’t take myselfies too seriously.

About Myselfies

I am a team player, creative director, producer, photographer, and lover of design and digital strategy.  Evolving with the digital landscape these past 18 years, I’ve produced everything from nerdy long-form broadcast documentaries to 10-second snapchat ads to print photography and led creative on multi-million dollar 360º campaigns for brands like Rolex, Prada and L’Oreal and many more.  I work collaboratively with content, product, sales and marketing teams across a variety of media while managing and growing a team of creatives and I think strategically and conceptually about brand experience across all online platforms, experiential, brand and digital marketing campaigns. I think platform first and tailor all creative accordingly.

I’m a fun, fantastic leader who thinks entrepreneurially, loves creativity, thrives on opportunity and knows how to get people to do their best work. But at the same time, I’m not afraid to get my hands fact, I dig it! Especially when there’s a solid story to tell or a product which I think everyone should own.  

I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from the College of Charleston. I then moved to Paris and was lucky enough to find a mentor and start working at a boutique production house on a documentary looking at anti-semitism in France. Paris was literally burning. After 6 years in France, I moved to New York and started working at ABC’s Documentary Group. For 6 years, I honed my storytelling skills and produced numerous documentaries (ABC, PBS, ARTE) as well as educational and branded content although it wasn’t called that then. Over time, I transitioned into the role of Creative Director bringing my love for story and visuals to life.

As Creative Director of Video at Hearst Digital Media, I was charged with overseeing the creative output of editorial and branded content for Hearst’s 26 digital brands. It was a huge job. I built a team and new CD role within the 700-person digital arm to capitalize on the strength of our editorial brands by transforming content strategies to think not just digital first, but video and social first.

I also launched and was the lead creative at HearstMade, a large end-to-end branded in-house content agency that produced video, photography, social posts, influencer partnerships, articles, custom ads and more than delivered on objectives moving audiences from apathy to action. Then, I moved to LA for better weather, surf, mountains and my next big opportunity.