Creative Director

Creative Direction

Team building and leadership are keys to my success. Most recently at Hearst, I reported to the SVP and collaborated daily with the directors of Sales, Marketing and Audience Development departments to integrate video operations into Hearst’s digital operation. We formed an in-house agency of 50 and built a high-growth branded operation which led to $30MM in top line production revenue in 2017.

I believe in story. I believe great creative trumps all. And solves problems. I believe in creating an environment where my team feels safe enough to push the creative boundaries as far as possible.

From film to photography to layout to experiential to social, I’m a well rounded holistic creative thinker who puts platforms, creative and performance first, and builds from that foundation.

I’m just as comfortable pitching C-suite execs a multi-million dollar 360º marketing campaign as I am in the late night post-production trenches with a junior editor. I truly enjoy both.

For case studies or more in-depth examples of my creative direction in action, please reach out.